Saturday, January 16, 2010

Greeetings from Gray Court - Owings Elementary

Hello! Welcome to my blog page. I am a Lower Elementary Montessori teacher at Gray Court - Owings Elementary School in Gray Court, South Carolina. My school was granted $1,000 through the Eat's in the Garden! program. My school is excited to be a part of this program and looks forward to creating and maintaining a garden for our school and community. Please notice the pictures of phase one. I have included "before" pictures of our school gardening site and look forward to posting more pictures as the gardening plan develops. A big thank you to the South Carolina Department of Agriculture and Forever Young, LLC for providing Gray Court - Owings the opportunity to complete this project to help promote nutrition, healthier food choices, community involvement, physical activity, and hands-on gardening experiences.

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  1. We are excited to see your pictures and looking forward to watching the garden progress!!!